Web Design

Make sure your website passes the 9 seconds test.

That's how long it takes site visitors to decide whether your site has what they need, or they should hit the back button. Of course, not all site visitors want the same thing, so it’s really important that you get clear who you want to serve and find out what they want.

Every project at Zipnet starts with an analysis – your vision, your target audience, their pain, your offerings, and your brand. We pay attention to the details to ensure that your website and business image are relevant to your target audience, making it easy for them to consider you as their company of choice. Click here to view our featured projects.

Content Management System

You no longer have to run to your web designer for every little change.

Our websites are built using a Content Management System (CMS) that is stable and easy to use. If you can edit a Word document, you can edit your website on our CMS. We have had the opportunity of working with a lot of different systems, and we assert that ours is the easiest to use.

In addition, our system displays beautifully on all devices. This means that it will look as good on a smart phone as it will on a tablet or a full sized PC. There is no need to have a separate website built for mobile phones. You can view our featured projects here.

Company Branding & Graphic Design

Get the instant-recognition factor of a logo working for you.

An effective logo identifies your company as distinct from others in the industry. It conveys something about your company attitude, approach, or values. It is a symbol, whether text or graphic, of your company, and will last you a long time.

Zipnet understands the importance of a logo to your company and pays careful attention to the message it delivers. To view examples of our work, click here.

eCommerce Solutions

Provide a safe and pleasurable shopping experience to keep them coming back.

Whether you’re selling 10 items or 1,000, it's important to make sure that financial transactions are conducted securely and that money transfers safely into your bank account. This means guarding against fraud, hacking and technical glitches. It should also be easy to add or change products and pricing and offer discounts and coupons for special promotions.

Zipnet considers your needs carefully before designing your online store, ensuring that your website, database, shopping cart and security all work well together. We pay attention to the user experience, making it easy for site visitors to find what they are looking for and complete the transaction. And we make your online store easy to manage, including making changes to product information, tracking sales, and offering special promotions. Click here to view our featured projects.