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Move Studios

A fun and interactive website that combines a rich visual landscape with practical functionality.

Move Studios is a dynamic company with a unique approach to fitness and dance, hence their motto -- ‘move your mind, move your body & move your soul’. They wanted a website that would be an expression of that philosophy but also practical enough that they could post information about their classes and have clients sign up online. Since they’d rather be in the dance studio than working on the back end of their website, they wanted something that would be easy to update and maintain.

Since we were starting from the ground floor, this was a really fun project. We began by creating a company identity and logo that fused elements of flow from both dance and exercise. For the website, we chose deep jewel tones and white contrasts to continue that play of exotic and simple. We created their website inside a Content Management System so that creating new pages for classes and  events would be simple and dynamic. We then interlinked the classes to a registration and payment system using PayPal. We also created connections within the different segments of the website so that images from the classes, the instructor bios, and the events, all showed up in the gallery dynamically. In this way, the rich visual content and functionality of the website could be easily maintained with very little effort. We also wanted to make the user interaction simple and intuitive, so the different areas of the website can be accessed easily by site visitors in several different ways, including links straight from the Home page.

Launch website

Expertise Provided

  • Custom Logo
  • Custom website design
  • Content Management System
  • PayPal integration
  • Web hosting

Feedback from the client

We wanted a website that showed we are more than just a fitness studio. Zenobia and her team took the time to understand what we needed and then designed a logo and website to fit perfectly. Our website is unique and beautifully showcases our work, plus it allows clients to view classes being offered and register and pay for them online. This has saved us a lot of time. I highly recommend Zipnet Design. "
—Dr. Aurora Ongaro