Design Process


Understanding the Context

Many clients come to us because they need a website, but they are not sure exactly where to start. There are many things they need to consider before we start to build a new website for them, so to get them started, we begin with a planning session to determine the company goals, budget, timeline, and content and promotion strategy.

We believe that astute planning at the outset can help clients get a website that meets their needs while staying in control of the scope and budget for the project. In fact, clients are more likely to save money in the long run by planning for ways to get the most out of their website.


A blend of good looks and high performance

Once we have a clear understanding of what’s needed, we begin the design process. The first step is laying out the information architecture.

By the time we begin to design, our planning stage has already laid the groundwork for what we need to do. We have a very good idea about the target audience and functionality required for the website due to our earlier preparations. In addition to colors and layout, we also pay attention to factors that can improve the user experience as well as search engine results. These include optimizing images to load quickly, ensuring the website renders correctly in all browsers, and using standards-based coding practices. We test all functionality to ensure it is operational before handing the website over to our clients and provide an after-launch guarantee to correct any errors if they occur.


A Content Management System that is easy to use

We use one of the most powerful and promising Content Management Systems (CMS) available today, which gives our team of designers the flexibility to design websites that are unique while putting the tools to edit and update the website in the hands of our clients. This means they no longer have to call us to change a word here or there, add a new product to their line up, or change the price of their services – unless they want to.

Our CMS is search engine friendly and works well with ecommerce solutions to provide a complete framework for shopping sites as well as brochure sites.


Keeping it fresh

Once the website development is complete and the site goes live on the Internet, a new phase begins. For many of our clients, developing the website is only the first step. Next steps can include designing business cards, branded email, brochures, letterhead, and signage that complement the website. While some clients like to update the website themselves, others prefer that we manage that for them, keeping the content fresh and providing support where needed.